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Guy Madison

PhD, Associate professor, Researcher

Address: Department of Psychology
Behavioural Sciences Building
Umeå University
S-901 87 Umeå
Ph: 46 (0)90 - 786 64 01
Cell: 46(0)70 - 554 30 34
Fax: 46 (0)90 - 786 66 95
E-post: guy.madison@psy.umu.se

Current research projects

Read more about timing, rhythm och music psychology (currently only in swedish. However, you can easily find definitions and introductory texts by searching the Internet).

Thesis projects

If you want to write a thesis or an exam paper, you can find a number of suggestions for topics that relate to current international research in the PDF-file below. Contact me to discuss such issues. Suggested topics

Previous and future research includes

  • Non-linear phenomena in behavioural science and neuroscience, specifically applied to the production of time intervals and rhythm. I use a number of numerical methods to describe statistical dependencies in data, also known as random fractals, long-memory processes, or fractional Gaussian noise. Methods employed are box-plot, Frequency Domain Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE), Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA), and Dispersional Analysis. See some related papers in my publication list.
  • Expression and communication of emotions in music.
  • Temporal integration, i.e. how sensory information is integrated over time.
  • Learning och training, in particular related to high-level skills such as music, sports, craftsmanship etc.
  • Artificial/synthetic music (computer-generated or algorithmic music).
  • Human ethology or human nature from an evolutionary and comparative perspective.

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