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Spring 2016
Cognitive Psychology 1
7,5 ECTS
(29 Aug-28 Sep) 2PS118
Monday 29 August Erica Åström
Data Collection and Analysis, 7,5 ECTS
(1 Nov-15 Jan)
Tuesday 1 November Erica Åström
Developmental Psychology 7,5 ECTS
(1 Nov-1 Dec) 2PS119
Tuesday 1 November
at 09.00 a.m. in room KB3B1, KBC building.
Joanna Andersson
Health Psychology
7,5 ECTS
(29 Sep-31 Oct) 2PS121
Thursday 29 September Erica Åström
Higher Cognitive Functions 7,5 ECTS
(29 Aug-31 Oct) 2PS089
Monday 29 August Erica Åström
Master's Thesis in Psychology 1, 15 ECTS
(1 Nov-1 Dec) 2PS052
Tuesday 1 November Lena Holmgren
Master's Thesis in Psychology, 30 ECTS
(29 Aug-15 Jan) 2PS050
Monday 29 August, at 15.15 p.m. in the conference room C-104 Behavioral science building. Lena Holmgren
Personality Psychology
7,5 ECTS
(2 Dec-15 Jan) 2PS120
Monday 5 December
at 13.00, in room Hörsal F, Humanist building.
Joanna Andersson
The Human Being in a Developmental Perspective, 15 ECTS
(29 Aug-31 Oct)
Monday 29 August Erica Åström
The Human Dimension of the Environment, 7,5 ECTS
(29 Aug-31 Oct)
Monday 29 August Erica Åström
Work, environment and health
(11 Nov-15 Jan) 2PS146
Friday 11 November Erica Åström

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