The Department is primarily responsible for 4 different programs; one in English (The Master's Programme in Cognitive Science) and 3 in Swedish (The Cognitive Science Programme, the Programme for Master of Science in Psychology and the Programme for Master of Science in Psychology oriented towards Sports).The Department also participates in a variety of programs such as, the Speech and Language Pathology program, the Science in Engineering program, the Culinary Arts program. Furthermore, the department gives a number of other courses; some of those courses are in English.

Every semester the department enrolls more than 650 students in our various courses. All our courses are research-related, thus all teachers do research and all the researchers teach. Several of our courses are direct extensions of the research conducted within the institution.

On the site Courses you can find information on the courses offered to both exchange students and free movers. Courses are conducted at three levels:

  • Basic Level (1st)
  • Advanced Leve (2nd)
  • Graduate Level (3rd)

Studying fulltime corresponds to 1.5 hp (credits) per week, i.e. 40 hours. The courses are in most cases on an advanced level (second level) and also given to Master or PhD students, and in general it’s appropriate if you already have a Bachelor degree, or at least been studying psychology for 1½ year including a thesis. See prerequisites in the syllaus for each course.

You can combine the courses in any many ways, usually with 2 courses/semester. If you would like to do the Master Thesis, we recommend that you take the course Scientific Perspective and Methodology (or similar statistic and methodology course) before the thesis.

How to apply

The application process is different for exchange students, free-movers and international students. Make sure that you always send diplomas, grades and other documents with a copy translated into Swedish or English.

More information for free movers, international students and exchange students

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