Head of Department Mikael Henningsson
Assistant Head of Department Kristina Westerberg
Deputy Head of Department
Michael Gruber
Director of Studies Camilla Hakelind
Maria Nordin
Director of Studies
Mattias Lundberg
Student Counsellor Anngelica Kristoferqvist
Student counsellor
Jenny Feltenmark
Student councellor
Jenny Nilsson
Student councellor
Administrator Ann-Louise Söderlund
Administrator Psychotherapy Training Clinic, Project Administrator
Chatrine Westerlund
Personnel Administrator
Erica Åström
Student Administrator Cognitive Science Programme, Basic Courses
Joanna Andersson
Student Administrator Psychologyprogramme
Lena Holmgren
Mona Wiklund-Hed
Economy Administrator
Ulrika Gelfgren
Directory Co-ordinator Chatrine Westerlund
Mikael Henningsson
Ulrika Sahlen
Web Master Moa Eirell
Ulrika Sahlen
Work Environment Representative Anngelica Kristoferqvist
Maria Nordin
Equal Opportunities Representative Anna-Sara Claeson
Equal Opportunity Representative